The dumbest cycles ever

Few women make as many mistakes when using anabolic-androgenic steroids as men, but this is mainly due to the low popularity of similar preparations among ladies. But that is not what I wanted to talk about today. Often men of varying degrees ask me questions that show a complete lack of knowledge about anabolic-androgenic steroids. They treat methanbol or winstrol as if it were a preparation lying between creatine and HMB! Worst of all, I get asked these questions when the person has already consumed, for example, 70-80 tablets of methanabol, winstrol or oxandrolone. And by then it’s a bit too late for corrections and cycle planning.

Example 1: “300 oxandrolone tablets”.

Everything would be ok, however… first of all oxandrolone is very rare on the market, there are usually other formulations inside (winstrol, oral-turinabol or methanabol). The man showed me pictures, I saw the familiar vermodje logo and everything became clear to me. Vermodje is a manufacturer of controversial quality, to make matters worse, on the black market one encounters mostly counterfeit anabolic-androgenic steroids allegedly coming from this manufacturer (i.e. it is in fact a fake of a fake). Vermodje produces, for example, antibiotics and aspirin. The company is located in Moldova, was founded in 2001 and registered in 2005. However, I must add an important piece of information here – the location of Vermodje’s production has changed several times. According to some sources, it is a ‘producer’ located in a basement… What is the truth? Without a thorough investigation it is impossible to determine this. There is, for example, “winstrol” by the same company in circulation, where the leaflet lists the company’s contact details on a Russian free mail server, – and this probably needs no comment… It is as if a pharmaceutical giant were to set up an e-mail account on a free server, e.g.,,, or The performance of many agents from this ‘manufacturer’ is also questionable. For example – winstrol from vermodje can be administered in doses of 50-80 mg per day, without significant effects. Good quality goods are felt already at a dose of 20-30 mg per day! Many products of controversial quality and produced under unknown conditions come from Moldova. An extensive article on this subject can be found e.g.

Is it worth investing in similar oxandrolone? Certainly not. Even his strength results testified to the fact that the man has a poor product; after a few dozen tablets he achieved a progress in bench press which was lower than after … creatine. If there had at least been methanabol, winstrol or oral-turinabol inside the alleged oxandrolone – surely the results would have been better. I am not saying that all black market products sold under a particular “brand” are bad, there are exceptions to the rule. If you have the opportunity, go for the tried and tested stuff, preferably from a pharmacy.

Secondly, oxandrolone (if you find a product with what it claims to have inside) is by no means a miracle invention. The aforementioned man, instead of reaching for pharmacology, should first reduce the centimetres in his waist (and he had clear “sides”). Even oxandrolone is not a preparation which guarantees simultaneous building of mass and reduction of body fat. These processes run simultaneously with low efficiency. If you are counting on a recomposition of the silhouette in 40 days, I would rather refer you to websites bordering on doping and science fiction or to youtube experts (where there are factual errors or serious misrepresentations in every second sentence).

Thirdly – the man didn’t even know what “blocking” endogenous testosterone production was, he asked if and when he should take clomiphene citrate. If you ask how to perform a PCT in the middle of a doping cycle, it shows that you should not be reaching for doping agents! It’s a bit late to look for a fire extinguisher when there’s already smoke around! To clarify any doubts, if you are dealing with an oral agent, as a rule of thumb you can start PCT as early as 1-2 days after taking the last tablet. The original oxandrolone disappears from the system within 9 h [1]. Methanabol has a half-life of 3-5 h – so you can also easily start clomiphene the next day (especially as clomid has a long half-life of 5-7 days). Indeed, the young man in question thought that oxandrolone did not affect the production of endogenous testosterone! Later on, similar people end up in doctors’ offices with hormonal problems, mood swings, erection and libido problems, depression or other psychosomatic complaints.

Fourthly – cycles based only on oral agents are a misunderstanding. Even relatively safe oxandrolone after a sufficiently long period of time may do more or less damage to e.g. the liver. This is all the more likely because instead of oxandrolone inside the box there are usually other agents, often many times more toxic (e.g. metanabol or winstrol). And even such long-term administration of methanabol or winstrol is no mean feat. It can end in considerable damage to the liver (which, unfortunately, does not necessarily have to manifest itself in tests of basic liver indicators). The choice of oral agents stems from a fear of injection. Well, if you are going to continue the adventure with anabolic-androgenic steroids you have to learn how to do injections anyway. For the time being, ways of administering hormones through the skin (e.g. testosterone patches and gels) are extremely expensive, and not exactly effective when it comes to doping. Perhaps such a method would work well in hormone replacement therapy, where little testosterone is used. Due to its long half-life, agents such as testosterone enanthate, cypionate or a mixture (e.g. sustanon, omnadren) work best in cycles. The whole can be supplemented with boldenone or nandrolone. Those looking for stronger cycles may consider an adventure with trenbolone or anapolone, however, these agents are for the more advanced.

Example 2: “cycles on methanabol”

I have repeatedly described cycles constructed on oral agents alone. The case is very similar to the one described in example No. 1, except that methanabol is extremely toxic. The use of higher doses of this agent over a longer period of time (> 8 weeks) can do more or less damage to, for example, the liver. Again – it doesn’t make sense to use only methanabol, you should use it ad hoc, for 4-6 weeks, at a dose of 20-50 mg per day – but … in the background you need to use some kind of injectable preparation based on long esters. Methanabol strongly aromatises, so once again – you need to be aware of how this phenomenon will affect the aesthetics of your physique. If you have a fat problem you should use a proper diet (less carbs, more protein and fat), intervals and aerobics if necessary. Once you have reduced your fat levels, you can consider using pharmacology. Certainly, methanabol is no solution for people who are severely fat (>15% BF for men), as it only exacerbates the problems.

Example 3: “nandrolone unaccompanied by testosterone”.

The phenomenon of ‘deca dick’, or the inability to get a full erection after nandrolone, was even talked about in Polish thrillers. However, there are still people who think it is possible to administer nandrolone without an adequate dose of testosterone – don’t do it. If you are using 400-600 mg of nandrolone per week, I would additionally put at least 300 mg of testosterone in there to support the levels. Endogenous testosterone production doesn’t exist ‘on cycle’ anyway. Taking nandrolone you have to take into account that this agent circulates in the body for a very long time and blocks just as much. It is certainly not intended for beginners. In addition, when planning a similar cycle, you should stock up on larger amounts of testosterone and wean off nandrolone early enough (decanoate 3-4 weeks).