Getting in shape in time for summer

Getting in shape in time for summer – Propionate and Oxandrolone as the safest and express solution.


We are all fed up with the current restrictions that have been put in place as part of the fight against the virus. Our form has suffered, because how to exercise when there is nowhere to go. Maybe such a recovery period is useful, but it was usually the case that the pre-holiday period was all about honing our form for the summer. Last increments, a bit of cutting and the beach. The good news is that the gyms are starting soon. Time to get in shape is running short, so here’s a suggestion – a cycle consisting of testosterone propionate and ondrolone – a legendary mix in terms of value for money.

Measures and doses discussed:

Testosterone Propionate 1-8 100mg e2d
Oxandrolone 2-8 30mg ed


What are the results of this sprint?

What can we expect from such a cycle? A lot depends on our diet. However, this is a cycle aimed more at making good definition, good beach shape, so the diet can be kept around zero, i.e. so that our calorie balance is neither positive nor negative. With such a diet we will lose some fat, our muscles will be gained, bigger. Muscle separation will improve. In addition, such a cycle can give us great strength and endurance in training.

What to look out for?

It is a fairly safe cycle. There are not many dangers behind it. It can be recommended to beginners. 30mg Anavar <link> is the starting dose. It can be increased during the cycle. If the dose is too high, pains may occur in the kidney area. Reducing the dose to amounts acceptable to the body is sufficient for this pain to subside within a day or two.

As far as PropioJect is concerned, here we have two discomforts that are not too bothersome, however. The first is elevated estrogen levels, through which we can catch more water, this can also cause gynaecomastia. It is then good to have Tamoxifen on hand to eliminate this problem on an ongoing basis. The second problem is increased blood pressure. Asparginate Extra/Acard is recommended on an ad hoc basis, but above all, monitor your blood pressure and get tested!


The doses I have given are beginner doses. If you are already an experienced athlete, you will know how to increase them, how they affect you, what your tolerance is, it should be nothing new to you.

Prop beginner cycle with Oxa

If you’re a beginner and are just looking for information on steroids, here’s an explanation of what’s involved in how to write down your dosage (which will scroll through each section on this page).

Testosterone Propionate 1-8 100mg e2d

The agent we use is Tesosterone Propionate. A full description of the measure is available here <hyperlink>.

– 1-8 – the number of weeks we use the measure

– 100mg – daily dose

– e2d – how often this dose is taken – in this case every two days, e2d being an abbreviation for every second day.

– Testosterone is in injectable form. If it has a concentration of 100mg/ml then a single dose will be 1ml. If it has a concentration of 150mg/ml then divide 100/150 = 0.66. So about 2/3ml will give you 100mg of testosterone.

Oxandrolone 2-8 30mg ed

-The agent we use is Oxandrolone. Full description of the agent available here <hyperlink>.

– 2-8 are the numbers of weeks in which we take the product

– 30mg – daily dose – split into two (2x15mg) at fairly equal intervalsus

– Oxandrolone comes in tablet form; with a content of (mostly) 10mg/1tab.