Examples of steroid cycle for complete beginners


Beginners’ cycles should be based on a maximum of two agents used over a period of 8-12 weeks. Putting more than one together can involve major hormonal changes, which often prove difficult to control, especially when it is not clear what exactly the problem is. The most optimal solution, therefore, would be to use only one agent, which will allow significant but stable progress to be recorded.

Below are sample schedules for beginners with explanations.

Single steroid cycle

  1. mass or reduction cycle using testosterone propionate
Substance Dosage Reception period
Testosterone propionate 100 mg every two days 10 weeks



Testosterone at a dose of 100 mg administered every other day will elevate testosterone levels four times above normal, which in the case of first-time doping will result in a so-called recomposition effect, i.e. an increase in muscle tissue levels while decreasing fat levels. The most common problems during the first cycle include acne, increased sweating and gynaecomastia. These side-effects are the result of a surge in sex hormones – testosterone and oestrogen – and their effect on receptors in tissues such as skin and nipples. Ways to offset them are described in Chapter 3.


  1. Mass cycle using methanabol
Substance Dosage Reception period
Methanabol 30 mg daily, divided into two doses of 15 mg each 8 weeks



Due to its short time of exit from the body, methanabol is the most common choice for those fearing the occurrence of too onerous side effects. It is an agent influencing mainly the increase in muscle mass, while not significantly affecting the loss of fat tissue, which is why we recommend its use in mass cycles. The occurrence of possible side effects will be centred around its effect on androgenic receptors and its conversion to methyl estradiol-17-a, which is a rather troublesome oestrogen with a long time to leave the body. Due to its hepatotoxicity and negative effects on the gastrointestinal tract, we also recommend the use of shielding drugs and supplements.


Cycles with two steroids

  1. Mass cycle using testosterone enanthate and methanabol
Substance Dosage Reception period
Testosterone enanthate 150 mg every three days 10 weeks
Methanabol 30 mg daily, divided into two doses of 15 mg each 1-6 weeks



A mass cycle proposal for people determined to make large, stable gains in muscle mass lasting longer than the recommended first contact with doping. Including methanabol in the cycle for the first 6 weeks will result in faster appearance of the first effects, and by the time it is withdrawn, testosterone will have reached a stable concentration and action on androgen receptors, thus avoiding the effect of weight loss during the cycle.

  1. Reduction cycle using testotserone enanthate and winstrol
Substance Dosage Reception period
Testosterone enanthate 150 mg every 3 days 10 weeks
Winstrol 30 mg daily, divided into two doses of 15 mg each 1-6 weeks



A proposal for a reduction cycle for people who already have significant muscle mass and want to work on its quality. Winstrol administered in the first six weeks will reduce subcutaneous water levels while promoting fat burning. Testosterone plays a mainly anti-catabolic role in this cycle, protecting the muscles developed so far from the negative effects of a reduction diet.